"We seek unique and delicious Italian foods from small artisanal producers and want to share them with people around the world who appreciate exceptional quality."
Count Carlo di Pamparato
Founder, CEO

The Giribizzi brand (Little whims, little desires) is committed to discovering the very best artisan food in Italy. Food that is made by people who value tradition, purity, seasonality and exceptional flavour.

We seek unique products that don’t contain preservatives, feature amazing flavours, and are very often limited in their productions due to seasonality. Our suppliers are selected for their passion, energy and their extremely high standards in growing and making their products - often using centuries old techniques and processes. We target a very specific ‘audience’: people with passion for food who value a premium and distinctive eating experience which takes into account pure ingredients and seasonal choices and at the same time help to keep old tradition alive in the modern world of fast and food throughout the seasons.

It sounds like a title from 007 movie, instead it is Giribizzi's mission statement. Italy is a country that loves food, and we love sharing it with people who enjoy great flavour as much as we do.

We are seeing a Renaissance of Italian food around the world and we want to play a role by bringing traditions, stories, values – and amazing food – to a global audience. According to the Unesco Heritage: "The Mediterranean diet constitutes a set of skills, knowledge, practices and traditions ranging from the landscape to the table, including the crops, harvesting, fishing, conservation, processing, preparation and, particularly, consumption of food," Unesco, November 2010.

We respect the centuries-old traditions of artisan food. Yet, we also appreciate modern sensibilities. That's why we blend tradition with innovation, and bring you fresh food that is the best of both worlds.

For example, we're excited to bring you capers from Sicily, where skillful local artisans dry them in the open air for 24 hours as soon as they are collected, and put on a special drying machine afterwards to give a unique and very innovative crunchiness not tasted yet. We have also found an artisan who combines a historical cheese from the mountains of Piemonte, and lets it mature in a jar full of extra virgin olive oil, with slices of rich Piemonte truffle. We’re fascinated by how another producer combined oranges from Calabria with roots of ginger, resulting in a delicate jam that preserves the taste of orange and offers a subtle hint of ginger – which is a source of numerous natural remedies.