Sour Cherry Cinnamon Buns


These Sour cherry cinnamon buns are a delicious and seasonal sweet treat, perfect to make and share with friends and family! We’ve given the classic cinnamon rolls a fruity twist with our mouthwatering sour cherry jam! You could also switch up the flavours with any of our other jams too, so feel free to get creative!


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Giribizzi Homemade Pizza


We’ve got the ultimate Friday night dinner recipe for you to make for the whole family to enjoy! These homemade pizza’s are just as delicious (if not better) than from your favourite pizzeria and the best part is, you can make it from the comfort of your own kitchen. We’ve layered it with all of our favourite Giribizzi products, which Is perfect for those times when you can’t decide on a topping!












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Apricot Jam Crumble Bars

IMG_2229If you’re looking for a new favourite sweet treat recipe, then we have just the thing to satisfy those sweet cravings! Our apricot jam crumble bars are a really simple to make, delicious and make a great picnic dessert option or accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea. They’re also completely plant based and gluten free; so something that hopefully everyone can enjoy

Our Apricot extra jam is low in sugar, with an incredibly vibrant and intense flavour which is the perfect pairing for the delicate sweetness of the crumble.










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Tuna Belly & Baby Artichoke Salad

This is the IMG_3207perfect spring & summer salad to enjoy for an alfresco meal in the garden, or pack for a deliciously fresh picnic lunch! It’s packed with flavour from the fresh veggies and incredibly tender tuna belly! Our tuna belly is completely preservative free and is ideal for adding into pastas, salads or simply enjoying as a condiment with some freshly baked bread.  Continue reading

Simple Baby Artichoke Spaghetti


This simple spaghetti dish makes for the perfect weeknight dinner that you can whip up in under 20 minutes and still enjoy the fabulous flavours of Italy and wholesome ingredients. It’s full of fresh flavours and is indulgent, yet light and summery at the same time!










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Molten Chocolate Cookies


These molten chocolate cookies are an absolute must try of the ultimate, indulgent, work from home snack! It’s a really simple, one bowl recipe that won’t require hours of labour in the kitchen and can be made with minimal ingredients! Our Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread  adds an incredible rich chocolate flavour and is a heavenly pairing with the oozing squares of melted dark chocolate.


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One Pan Tomato Pasta


This delicious one pan recipe is perfect for a mid-week dinner and something that all of the family can enjoy together! It’s amazingly simple to prepare, packed full of flavour and can be made all from store cupboard ingredients! This recipe stars our Tomato Passata from Molise, which is made from fresh tomatoes and is free from any preservatives. Our passata lends a really rich, flavourful punch to this dish and means that you can create a mouthwatering, authentic Italian pasta dish at home with ease.

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