Molten Chocolate Cookies


These molten chocolate cookies are an absolute must try of the ultimate, indulgent, work from home snack! It’s a really simple, one bowl recipe that won’t require hours of labour in the kitchen and can be made with minimal ingredients! Our Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread  adds an incredible rich chocolate flavour and is a heavenly pairing with the oozing squares of melted dark chocolate.


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One Pan Tomato Pasta


This delicious one pan recipe is perfect for a mid-week dinner and something that all of the family can enjoy together! It’s amazingly simple to prepare, packed full of flavour and can be made all from store cupboard ingredients! This recipe stars our Tomato Passata from Molise, which is made from fresh tomatoes and is free from any preservatives. Our passata lends a really rich, flavourful punch to this dish and means that you can create a mouthwatering, authentic Italian pasta dish at home with ease.

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