Founder, CEO
A life-long love of the fresh food from the Italian countryside inspired Carlo to start Giribizzi and share his passion with people around the world.
Born in Florence from an old aristocratic family, Carlo spent his early years between Florence, Rome and the estate near San Giminiano that has been in the family for many centuries. Here, among the wheat fields, olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany, Carlo started to fall in love with the colours, smell and freshness of naturally grown food.

Later he moved to Piemonte, his father’s native region and one of the most important culinary centers of Italy. Here, he was exposed to great artisan food and world famous wine producers. in his father’s estate in Piemonte he met a 90 years old farmer who walked 3 km every day from his house to the farm. The farmer taught Carlo to hoe the ground, plant seeds and prune fruit trees. Carlo’s mother taught him and his brothers to make jam from the apricots they picked from the fruit trees on the estate. He also learned to make winter sauces from tomatoes grown in the green house, by burning old wood under the kitchen stove. These experiences helped shape Carlo’s passion for great food and old world traditions.

After graduating from the university of Turin with a degree in economics, Carlo moved to London, and started a successful career in banking and finance. His business travels around the globe convinced him that the world was changing fast, and there was an increasing interest for Italian food and culture in far away countries. After 25 years in the investment banking world, the fond memories of his youth in the Italian countryside and his passion for simple, healthy food inspired him to start something new and that’s how Giribizzi was born!