Italian Food Made Easy

Italian Artisan Delicacies

Italian cuisine is one of the best and healthiest in the world, yet many people have not truly experienced old-fashioned, traditional and artisanal Italian food and flavours from our home country. At Giribizzi, we have set out to transform the cooking and eating experience for Italian food lovers with our Italian food made easy range of products.

Mouth-watering artisanal Italian foods
As passionate Italian food curators, we have travelled far and wide across Italy to discover local artisanal producers who still create the dishes that blend tradition with innovation. Our selection of foods are seasonal, traditionally produced, accompanied by our own modern-twist. We want to grace homes across the globe with our original yet flavoursome products that are preservative free and naturally produced using old traditions – the prospect of allowing you to create a dishes in less than 30 minutes and always having your larder filled with mouth watering delicious Italian unique foods

Polenta Crackers
Corn flour, gluten free, preservative free crackers are ideal as a snack with savoury or sweet toppings. Lingue di Polenta – rich in vitamins, minerals and high level of antioxidants – are very light, yet crispy and tasty. You can use them for a dip, or as crouton in a soup or simply spreading gianduja spread, jams, pate or ragu. Once you taste it, you really can’t stop! Giribizzi offers 2 flavours rosemary and plain.

Tomato Passata from Molise
Tomato based pasta dishes are a popular dish for many, but our Tomato Passata is 99% pure tomato, quite dense, flavoured, in other words a sauce unlike any other. These are mid-hill very tasty tomatoes from Molise, a region perhaps not much known abroad but very rich in traditions. Our Tomato Passata is so pure that it is used by many as a nice and refreshing drink. Made with fresh, hand-picked tomatoes and no preservatives, it is a sauce that requires no added ingredients just a simply pasta with a few leaves of basil!

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